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Archival URL for the University of New Mexico/GWLA Webcast: Emerging Collection Management Opportunities

posted Oct 17, 2011, 7:48 AM by Joni Blake


Jeremy York will provide an overview of the HathiTrust partnership, its repository, and services, and discuss the ways that partner institutions are positioning HathiTrust to have a major impact on strategies for storing and managing their print collections.

Rick Anderson will discuss new ways of thinking about the nature of research library collections in light of the radically new information environment in which students and scholars now work, and will suggest several strategies that may seem to undermine traditional library practice and philosophies but that promise to provide better and more comprehensive access to those we exist to serve. 

Ownership of information has long been a mantra of librarianship, especially in academic libraries. Digital information, however, creates an entirely different collection landscape for libraries. Steven Harris will speak about how the time may have come to give up our insistence on ownership (except in special cases) and embrace renting as viable approach.

Suzanne Schadl will address collaborative collection development with the Latin American Distributed Resources Project and the Latin American Microforms (now digitization) Project, both organized through the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), and facilitated through collaborations with Seminar for the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM). Decades of collaborative work have strengthened special Latin American studies collections while enhancing ties between US and Latin American institutions. These connections are evolving into collaborative cross-national projects which require a clever balance in partnership between publishers, vendors, libraries and professional organizations.