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BioOne Celebrates Ten Years Online

posted Apr 1, 2011, 7:49 AM by Joni Blake

Dear Colleague,

Tomorrow BioOne (www.bioone.org) celebrates its 10th year online. On April 2, 2001, the BioOne aggregation officially launched to the public, offering the current contents of 40 participating journals to an inaugural group of 320 subscribing libraries and institutions.

The product of innovative collaboration between five founding organizations, The American Institute of Biological Sciences, Big 12 Plus Libraries Consortium (renamed the Greater Western Library Alliance in 2001), The University of Kansas, Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, and Allen Press, Inc., BioOne was one hopeful answer to the scholarly community’s concern that electronic publishing in the sciences was being ceded to commercial interests.

BioOne is one of the most successful nonprofit library-publisher partnerships to date and continues its commitment to the ideal that scholarly publishing be a sustainable enterprise mindful of all stakeholders needs. Today we serve a community of 167 titles from nonprofit publishers, 4,000 libraries, and millions of researchers, educators, and students around the globe.

This organization has evolved from the kernel of an idea scribbled on a napkin into a proven concept because of people like you who have served as its innovators, champions, and stewards along the way.

Thank you for helping us grow,

Susan Skomal, Executive Director