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posted Oct 16, 2008, 3:40 PM by Anne McKee
GWLA formally endorsed SERU (a NISO recommended practice) on October 15th, 2008.  GWLA joins 50+ libraries, 4 consortia and 23 publishers in recognizing the value of SERU.
Clint Chamberlain, Coordinator of Electronic Resources at The University of Texas Libraries served on the NISO SERU Working Group in crafting this standard.

SERU ( Shared Electronic Resource Understanding) "offers publishers and libraries the opportunity to save both the time and the costs associated with a negotiated and signed license agreement by agreeing to operate within a framework of shared understanding and good faith. The statements provide a set of common understandings for publishers and libraries to reference as an alternative to a formal license when conducting business.  Neither the statements of understanding nor the SERU document constitute a license agreement. Because SERU is not a license, legal terms (such as jurisdiction, warranties, and liabilities) are not used. Rather, the statements describe a set of commonly agreed-upon expectations for using and providing electronic resources. While licenses are appropriate in many situations, SERU offers an alternative when both the librarian and the publisher are satisfied with this approach."
[NISO RP-7-2008, copyright of 2008]

For further information, please contact:
Anne E. McKee, Program Officer for Resource Sharing