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GWLA Launches BorrowItNow

posted Aug 19, 2013, 5:39 AM by Lars Hagelin   [ updated Aug 19, 2013, 6:45 AM by Joni Blake ]

GWLA Launches BorrowItNow

GWLA Launches BorrowItNow


Monday, August 19, 2013


Today, the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) is excited to launch BorrowItNow, a

consortial borrowing system based on the Relais International D2D product. BorrowItNow

allows patrons to discover library materials via a virtual union catalog, which spans across all

participating members’ ILS systems. BorrowItNow provides for unmediated requests,

transmitting real time availability and call numbers to the lending library, while balancing

request loads across the consortium.


Joni Blake, Executive Director of GWLA, said, “Resource sharing is GWLA's oldest program, and

one our members value greatly. This project is in keeping with GWLA's core values of

leveraging our collective strength and improving services through innovation and

experimentation. We are very excited about the enhanced access to collections and faster

service that the Relais D2D platform will bring to the patrons at our member libraries.”


“Relais developed a pricing model for GWLA members that facilitated a very high level of

engagement for this three-year project,” added Anne McKee, Program Officer for Resource

Sharing. “GWLA is very pleased to have formed this dynamic partnership with Relais.”


Naomi Chow, Chair of the GWLA Resource Sharing/Document Delivery Committee, is thrilled

with members’ adoption of the system. “The response from the libraries within our consortia

has been very enthusiastic -- over 90% of our partner libraries will be participating in the pilot

project during its first year! This is in part due to great support for the project from the GWLA

Board of Directors. Our libraries are eager to offer our patrons a streamlined and efficient

method of unmediated ILL requests. We look forward to working with Relais during our threeyear

pilot, and hope that GWLA's project, with its size and geographic complexity, will

contribute to further innovative system enhancements of value to the library community at



Noted Ryan Litsey, Vice-Chair of the GWLA Resource Sharing/Document Delivery Committee,

“GWLA continues to raise the bar for ILL with the addition of the Relais D2D system. GWLA has

a long tradition of setting the standard for turnaround times, consortial cooperation and

efficiency. The Relais D2D discovery layer allows GWLA to increase their interconnectedness.

BorrowItNow is the largest implementation of Relais D2D to date. Our patrons can now

efficiently access one of the most complex and far reaching Relais D2D systems.”


Institutions participating in the three-year pilot:


• Arizona State University

• Baylor University

• Brigham Young University

• Colorado State University

• Iowa State University

• Kansas State University

• Oklahoma State University

• Oregon State University

• Southern Illinois University,Carbondale

• Southern Methodist University

• Texas A&M University

• Texas Tech University

• University of Arizona

• University of Arkansas

• University of Colorado

• University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

• University of Houston

• University of Illinois-Chicago

• University of Kansas

• University of Missouri-Columbia

• University of Nevada, Las Vegas

• University of New Mexico

• University of Oklahoma

• University of Oregon

• University of Southern California

• University of Texas

• University of Utah

• University of Wyoming

• Utah State University

• Washington State University

• Washington University in St. Louis


The Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) is a consortium of 33 research libraries located

in the central and western United States. GWLA is a dynamic, effective, project-oriented

consortium, nationally recognized as a leader in the transformation of scholarly

communication, and a facilitator in the application of new information technologies.


Relais International, Inc., based in Ottawa, Ontario, provides solutions for all varieties of

libraries or groups of libraries, and offers a full range of interlibrary loan, document delivery

and consortial resource sharing services.