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MU’s Ellis Library: Grace Under Fire--Webinar Discussion of the Recent Fire at the UM-Columbia Ellis Library

posted Feb 3, 2012, 7:22 AM by Joni Blake
Join Amanda K. Sprochi, Health Sciences Cataloger at the University of Missouri-Columbia when she discusses the campus disaster response to a fire that occurred at Ellis Library (main library) in September, 2011.

This will be the second event in a new series of occasional webinars addressing disaster “post mortem” examinations—a round-robin discussion of post-disaster learning experiences told from the perspective of the librarians who were in the thick of it.  Presenters will discuss the disaster their library experienced, addressing: 

What went well?  What didn't?   Lessons learned & other takeaways.

The webinar will take place on Friday, February 10th at 11am(Central); 10am (Mountain); 9am (Pacific); and 7am (Hawaiian). 

Connection instructions:

Wimba Classroom: GWLA Presentation on Ellis Fire

Wimba Classroom link: http://umclive.wimba.com/launcher.cgi?room=_umc_s__4672_1_615018

Optional Dial-in number : Phone : (201) 549-7623      

PIN code : 15017069


Plan to arrive a few minutes early to allow Wimba to run a short wizard on your computer.

If your computer has a microphone/speakers or a combo headset, you should be able to view the webinar without dialing in to the phone line.  Use the phone dial-in if you do not have this equipment.

When people log on to the Wimba room for the webinar, there is a telephone logo at the bottom of the screen -- touch it and it provides the phone and pin numbers needed to call in to be able to talk, as well as at the bottom of this message. Otherwise, people can type comments into a chat box.

We are also going to record the webinar for later viewing if your schedule doesn't allow you to attend on Friday.