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Digital Asset Management Coordinator-- Claremont Colleges Library

posted Aug 7, 2017, 4:31 AM by Lars Hagelin
The Claremont Colleges Library (CCL) is vitalizing its programs and services for collecting, curating, preserving, and making discoverable digital content. The Claremont Colleges Digital Library (CCDL) and Scholarship@Claremont (S@C), our digital publishing platform and institutional repository, contain rich collections, including faculty and student publications and primary resources. After a groundbreaking decade of successes, our operations, platforms, and services that support digital scholarship are in need of review to ensure their sustainability and ability to expand with the growing information needs of the Claremont Colleges. We are prioritizing Institutional Repository platform review. We are creating four positions: our first CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow for Data Services; an Original Cataloging and Metadata Team Leader (OCMTL); a Digital Asset Management Coordinator (DAMC); and a Scholarly Communications Coordinator (SCC).

For the DAMC position, we are seeking a knowledgeable and skilled individual with enthusiasm and passion to collaborate with faculty, students, and librarians in the creation and use of digital resources and data in research, teaching, and learning. They will coordinate the development and curation of CCL's digital assets in close collaboration with content producers, providers, and selectors. This position will lead the library's digital publishing and preservation services by managing the CCDL and S@C. In partnership with the OCMTL, the DAMC will coordinate training on creating descriptive, administrative, and preservation metadata for objects in the digital collections. The DAMC will also plan, implement, and evaluate technologies that support digital publishing and preservation.

The DAMC will plan, organize, implement, and oversee the best care and delivery of the library's digital assets. They will coordinate the efforts of librarians to identify content for the library's digital collections and publications and determine best practices for their care, discoverability, and accessibility. We are looking to create a robust technological and staffing infrastructure to support our digital asset management program, and the DAMC will play a key role in leading the way.

Salary is competitive; full benefits package provided.

Potential candidates can review the full position description and find application instructions at: