Executive Director— Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC)

Post date: Jan 21, 2021

Application Deadline: February 28, 2021 for first-round consideration

Preferred Start Date: July 1, 2021


The Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) is a top-tier, dynamic, entrepreneurial library consortium advancing the collaborative interests of private academic and special libraries in California, Texas, and neighboring states. As an opt-in library consortium, SCELC has earned a high national profile for innovation and successful leadership on behalf of its hundred plus member libraries and over two hundred affiliated libraries from across the United States and Canada. SCELC serves a broad array of private academic and research institutions that share a common commitment to advancing the success of faculty, students and researchers from all walks of life.

Representing the SCELC membership, the organization’s Board of Directors is seeking an Executive Director who is motivated by a deep-seated conviction that libraries and education have the power to change lives and create a more healthy, prosperous and just global society. Toward these ends, the Executive Director will be supported by an experienced and highly regarded eight-person staff headquartered in downtown Los Angeles; an engaged membership with more than thirty years of successful collaboration; codified and time-tested policies and practices for successful consortium management; and a community of national/international consortium leaders who look to SCELC for leadership and, in return, are generous with their time, advice, and willingness to collaborate. In short, the SCELC Executive Director will have the extraordinary opportunity and needed support to positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of students in California and beyond.

The Executive Director, working in conjunction with the Board of Directors, the Board’s Executive Committee, and SCELC staff, is responsible for realizing the organizational goals put forth in a collaboratively developed strategic plan. The Executive Director needs to be a consensus-builder to help the Board identify achievable initiatives that meet the needs of SCELC’s diverse membership and an experienced manager who can help SCELC staff bring these initiatives to fruition. The leader we are seeking is entrepreneurial, hard-working, caring, socially committed, professionally grounded, and a gifted communicator across multiple channels to a broad array of audiences. We see this position as a truly exceptional opportunity for a truly exceptional leader!

SCELC seeks qualified applicants who share its values, among them equity, diversity, and inclusion. These are fundamental values of the consortium and are reflected in both the internal operations of SCELC as an organization and in the resources and services provided to all libraries we serve. SCELC is an equal opportunity employer. Women, persons of color, LGBTQ and gender- nonconforming individuals, people living with disabilities, and others with diverse life experiences and beliefs are encouraged to apply.

Position Description

The SCELC Executive Director reports to, and works under the general direction of, SCELC’s Board of Directors and its Executive Committee. To realize the collectively agreed upon strategic goals of the membership, the Executive Director leads and manages a high-achieving central staff of eight. With the support of SCELC staff, the Executive Director is responsible for helping the Board maintain an up-to-date set of strategic priorities; developing metrics to measure the impact of these strategic directions; and regularly reporting on progress toward achieving these collective goals. It is the responsibility of the Executive Director to ensure adherence to the bylaws of the organization and oversee SCELC’s operations and finances to maintain the long-term effectiveness and viability of the Consortium. Specifically, the Executive Director is a senior leadership position with responsibilities that include:

  • Maintaining close connections with the SCELC membership, especially at the Director/Dean level

  • Ensuring that the collective aspirations of the membership are realized

  • Adhering to the collectively developed policies and governing principles of the SCELC organization

  • Maintaining a productive and welcoming work environment for SCELC central staff that includes particular attention to ensuring that the organization reflects the diversity of member institutions and the state of California, and that all staff members feel welcome and respected within the organization

  • Shaping a robust communication strategy to ensure that member institutions, staff, business partners and regional/national colleagues are kept fully apprised of SCELC’s goals and progress toward achieving those goals

  • Managing one of the nation’s largest library licensing programs (~$50 million per year)

  • Ensuring that sound fiscal policies are in place and adhered to, and that the long-term financial viability of the organization is continually assessed

  • Through presenting, writing, and committee work, represent a vibrant SCELC membership and staff in regional and national professional organizations

Required and Preferred Qualifications


  1. An M.L.I.S. or equivalent relevant advanced degree

  2. A minimum of ten years of relevant professional work experience

  3. Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills

  4. At least five years of successful management experience with a demonstrable commitment to building/maintaining a diverse and welcoming work environment

  5. A deep-seated commitment to advancing educational success for the diverse student bodies of SCELC member institutions

  6. A compelling vision for effective library collaboration and a plan for how such a vision might be realized

  7. A basic understanding of the business practices and workflow surrounding library and/or consortial content acquisitions

  8. A comprehensive understanding of the private academic and research library environment

  9. Relevant project management and financial management experience


  1. A comprehensive understanding of the library information marketplace and demonstrated successful experience interacting in that space

  2. Demonstrated successful experience building and/or supporting interinstitutional collaborative initiatives

  3. Program evaluation and data representation training/experience/skills

  4. A deep understanding of current issues and trends in library content licensing and/or other aspects of library administration

  5. A record of professional leadership as evidenced by publication, presentation and organizational participation

  6. An abiding commitment to advancing the mission of institutions of higher education as a source of economic and social mobility for students from all walks of life


The salary and benefits package for the SCELC Executive Director is among the most generous for library consortium leaders nationally. The Board is aware that the cost of housing in the Los Angeles area is high and this is accounted for in setting staff salary ranges. Of course, an ultimate salary offer will reflect the level of educational attainment, years of experience, and professional achievements of the successful candidate.


Los Angeles is the USA’s second largest city and ranks in the top 5 most diverse cities in the country. Advantages of living in L.A. include a) the climate; b) professional opportunity; c) a vibrant arts and cultural scene; d) scenic natural wonders including the Pacific Ocean to the west and mountains to the east; e) excellent health care services; and f) modern transportation facilities. There is a reason that 40 million Americans choose to live in California

How to Apply

Review of applications will commence on March 1, 2021. First consideration will be given to candidates applying prior to that time although late applications can be received and held until the position is filled. A cover letter is required for consideration for this position and should be attached as the first page(s) of your resume. The cover letter should address your specific interest in the position, your aspirations for the SCELC organization, and your experiences that directly relate to this position. Helpful particulars will include:

  • Your vision for academic libraries over the next decade and how a consortium might mobilize its membership to realize this vision

  • Your experiences fostering collaborative initiatives—especially inter-institutional collaborative initiatives

  • Your style and experience managing a highly experienced and capable professional staff

  • Your successful experiences encouraging and working within diverse work environments

  • Your record of professional engagement and contribution including impactful writing, presentation and committee work that might have nudged academe and academic libraries forward.

Application materials should be addressed to “The Executive Director Search Committee” and emailed to: jcornelio@lmu.edu

Candidates’ names and materials will be held in confidence in the early rounds of review, distribution limited to members of the Search Committee and a few support staff. In later rounds, the Search Committee will ask candidates to provide contact information for several professional references, and a broader range of participants—including SCELC staff members— will most likely be involved in phone/on-site interviews. If you have particular concerns about confidentiality, please feel free to contact Board and Search Committee Chair, Kristine Brancolini, Dean of the Library, Loyola Marymount University (kbrancol@lmu.edu) or Mark Sandler, Consultant to the Search Committee (mark@novelsolutions.net).