GWLA Working Groups

This page describes the activities and responsibilities of GWLA Committees, Task Forces, and Interest Groups. If you are interested in forming a group within GWLA or joining a current working group, please send a message to the Webmaster and the appropriate GWLA staff liaison will contact you.

Board Committees

Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee is charged with providing general oversight of the organization’s budget financial health, including revenues, expenditures, investments and cash flow. Specifically, the committee will:

  • Report to the GWLA Board of Directors on all financial matters related to the consortium

  • Provide advice and direction to the Executive Director on the following:

    • Annual budget preparation and management

    • Management of cash flow for optimum return on investment of cash reserves

    • Annual audit and federal tax filing

    • Operating reserve management

  • Meet with the Board and/or the Executive Director as needed.

Planning and Organization Committee

The Planning and Organization Committee manages strategic and tactical planning processes, assesses how the organization is meeting its strategic and tactical goals, and oversees general organizational structure and management. Specifically, the committee:

  • Obtains updates from GWLA governance units and staff for updates to the annual tactical plan.

  • Assesses continual progress towards meeting the objectives of the tactical plan.

  • Identifies long-range organizational objectives and areas of new interests.

  • Conducts periodic environmental scans of the organization while taking into account the broader academic research library community

  • Reviews and recommends updates to the strategic plan, at minimum every three years.

Standing Member Committees


Resource Sharing and Document Delivery

Research Projects

Student Learning Outcomes

The intent of the multi-institutional research project is to research the following questions in order to identify and share exemplary practices:

  • What effect does library instruction have on the retention of college students?

  • What effect does library instruction have on the academic success of college students?

  • What is the impact of specific library instruction methods on the retention and academic success of college students?

Student Learning Outcomes Project Page

Opportunity Fund

GWLA has established an Opportunities Fund to advance its strategic initiatives. GWLA committees and groups can apply for grants of up to $10,000 for a year to plan, create, and implement projects that will have an impact on GWLA libraries. The GWLA Board of Directors is responsible for making the awards. Proposals may be submitted at any time. Reports on progress should be submitted prior to both the fall and spring membership meetings to the GWLA Executive Director.

Opportunity Fund Application Form (PDF, 99 kb; link opens in new tab)