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GWLA Model License

Latest Revision: November 2019 revision (PDF, 194 kb; link opens in new tab)

GWLA Licensing Principles

Original Adoption: 12 June 2020 (PDF, 72 kb; link opens in new tab)

External site for both consortial and individual library agreements:

GWLA Preferred Practices for Engagement with Vendors and Publishers

Original Adoption: 17 March 2023 (PDF, 367 kb; link opens in new tab)

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Resource Sharing Agreements

GWLA On-Site Reciprocity Agreement

GWLA On-Site Reciprocal Borrowing Circulation Agreement is a program for faculty, staff and students of participating GWLA institutions may borrow library materials on site while visiting another GWLA-member campus.  This program is voluntary and may not be available at all member locations.  Each institution may set its own policies regarding loan terms and identification requirements for visiting scholars.

GWLA Reciprocal Circulation Contacts & Institutional Policies

Additional Resource Sharing Agreements:

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