On-Site Reciprocal Circulation

Reciprocal circulation is a collaborative service whereby the faculty, staff and students of participating university libraries within the Greater Western Library Alliance consortium (GWLA) may borrow library materials on-site at other participating member libraries.

GWLA On-Site Reciprocal Circulation Agreement (2014) (PDF, 62 kb; link opens in new tab)

Institutional Contacts & Authentication Requirements

Arizona State University (AZU)

Tempe, AZ

  • Mary Plummer (mary.plummer @ asu.edu ; 480-965-5622)

  • Betsy Redman (bjredman @ asu.edu ; 480-965-5413)

Authentication: University ID and log into University's website to verify current status.

Baylor University (IYU)

Waco, TX

  • Ellen Filgo (Ellen_Filgo @ baylor.edu ; 254-710-2968)

Authentication: Present a government issue photo ID and log into home library account.

Brigham Young University (UBY)

Provo, UT

  • Shannon Sanders (shannon_sanders @ byu.edu ; 801-422-8663)

Authentication: Current university ID, government issued ID with photo, and one piece of mail to verify address.

The Claremont Colleges (HDC)

Claremont, CA

[Not Participating]

Colorado State University (COF)

Fort Collins, CO

[Not Participating]

Iowa State University (IWA)

Ames, IA

  • Angie Brown (ambrown @ iastate.edu ; 515-294-0448)

Authentication: University ID and current driver's license or photo ID. $5.00 card fee.

Kansas State University (KKS)

Manhattan, KS

  • Kathy Coleman (kathyc @ ksu.edu ; 785-532-7440)

  • Carolyn Hodgson (carolynh @ ksu.edu ; 785-532-7423)

Authentication: Current university ID and current driver's license; current address.

Oklahoma State University (OKS)

Stillwater, OK

  • Whitney Hilley (whitney.vitale @ okstate.edu ; 405-744-7142)

Authentication: Identify as GWLA and present valid university ID and valid driver's license or other government-issued photo ID.

Oregon State University (ORE)

Corvallis, OR

  • Steve Weber, (valley.circ @ oregonstate.edu ; 541-737-7254)

Authentication: Identify as GWLA and present valid ID from home institution.

Rice University (RCE)

Houston, TX

[Not Participating]

Southern Illinois University (SOI)

Carbondale, IL

  • Marissa Ellermann (mellermann @ lib.siu.edu ; 618-453-1159)

  • Steve Sawyer (ssawyer @ lib.siu.edu ; 618-453-2754)

Authentication: University or government ID; verification with home library.

Southern Methodist University (ISM)

Dallas, TX

[Not Participating]

Texas A&M University (TXA)

College Station, TX

  • Rameka Barnes (rbarnes @ tamu.edu ; 979-862-2479)

Authentication: Government issue picture ID and proof of university affiliation.

Texas State University (TXI)

San Marcos, TX

  • Paivi Rentz (prentz @ txstate.edu ; 512-245-8877)

Authentication: University ID or valid government issued photo ID and log into home library or university account.

Texas Tech University (ILU)

Lubbock, TX

  • Katie DeVet (libraries.docdel @ ttu.edu; 806-742-2239)

Authentication: Driver's license and current university ID.

University of Arizona (AZU)

Tucson, AZ

  • Helen Quihuis (hquihuis @ email.arizona.edu ; 520-345-9347)

Authentication: Current driver's license and either current university ID or log in to university account.

University of Arkansas (AFU)

Fayetteville, AR

[Not Participating]

University of Colorado at Boulder (COD)

Boulder, CO

  • Bethany Arellano (bethany.arellano @ colorado.edu ; 303-492-9255)

  • Curt Williams (curt.williams @ colorado.edu ; 303-492-3978)

Authentication: Log into home library or university account.

University of Delaware (DLM)

Newark, DE

[Not Participating]

University of Denver (DVP)

Denver, CO

  • Ryan Buller (ryan.buller @ du.edu ; 303-871-3418)

Authentication: Valid university ID and will need to log in and show a current student schedule.

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (HUH)

Honolulu, HI

  • Naomi Chow (nchow @ hawaii.edu ; 808-956-5951)

  • David Bowman (dgbowman @ hawaii.edu ; 808-956-7203)

Authentication: Current picture ID and email contact at GWLA library. 24-hour process.

University of Houston (TXH)

Houston, TX

  • Josh Denby (jdenby2 @ uh.edu ; 713-743-9771)

  • Quoc Phung (qphung @ uh.edu ; 713-743-9733)

  • Frances Sanchez (fsanchez @ uh.edu ; 713-743-9730)

Authentication: Current driver's license, or state issued ID, or passport.

University of Illinois at Chicago (IAY)

Chicago, IL

  • Dante Williams (dantewil @ uic.edu ; 312-996-2724)

Authentication: Current university ID; must have a photo ID available.

University of Kansas (KKU)

Lawrence, KS

  • Sarah Couch (scouch @ ku.edu ; 785-864-8979)

  • Christen Caton (ccaton @ ku.edu ; 785-864-1330)

Authentication: Government issued photo iD, university ID, and log into home library or university account. $10 fee.

University of Missouri at Columbia (MUU)

Columbia, MO

  • Cindy Cotner (cotnerc @ missouri.edu ; 573-882-4693

Authentication: University ID and verification of active status.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNL)

Las Vegas, NV

  • Jeffrey Berkbigler (jeffrey.berkbigler @ unlv.edu ; 702-895-2027)

Authentication: University ID.

University of New Mexico (IQU)

Albuquerque, NM

  • Raelynn Richardson (rvgarcia @ unm.edu ; 505-925-9554)

Authentication: Photo ID / university ID, plus verification of current status.

University of Oklahoma (OKU)

Norman, OK

  • Alexis Beaman (a.m.beaman @ ou.edu ; 405-325-1919)

Authentication: State or federal issued ID and university ID.

University of Oregon (ORU)

Eugene, OR

  • David Ketchum (dketchum @ uoregon.edu ; 541-346-1884)

Authentication: University photo ID or other government issued photo ID and log into home library or University account.

University of Southern California (CSL)

Los Angeles, CA

[Not Participating]

University of Texas at Austin (IXA)

Austin, TX

[Not Participating]

University of Utah (UUM)

Salt Lake City, UT

  • Alex Anderson (alex.m.anderson @ utah.edu ; 801-581-8203)

Authentication: Current university ID; Utah staff will contact home library/registrar.

University of Washington (WAU)

Seattle, WA

[Not Participating]

University of Wyoming (WYU)

Laramie, WY

[Not Participating]

Utah State University (UUS)

Logan, UT

  • Vicki Read (vicki.read @ usu.edu ; 435-797-2914)

Authentication: University ID and log into university's website to verify current status.

Washington State University (NTE)

Pullman, WA

  • Sue Shipman (sshipman @ wsu.edu ; 509-335-7761)

Authentication: Current university ID and current driver's license or approved photo ID.

Washington University in St. Louis (WTU)

St. Louis, MO

  • Deb Ehrstein (dehrstein @ wustl.edu ; 314-935-4087)

Authentication: Driver's license and current university ID.

Wayne State University (EYW)

Detroit, MI

[Not Participating]

West Virginia University (WVU)

Morgontown, WV

  • Hilary Fredette (Hilary.Fredette @ mail.wvu.edu ; 304-293-0318)

Authentication: Current university ID.